September 25, 2018

Defender News Network

Former HISD superintendent blasts district

DEFENDER NEWS NETWORK — “You would think if you want to integrate schools and really provide a robust push for the entire system, you would place some really sexy magnet schools in those African-American neighborhoods. No! They were all concentrated in white, upper-middle-class neighborhoods, so that if you’re an African-American student, you have to leave your neighborhood to go to those programs…” — Former Houston ISD superintendent Richard Carranza […]

Government Accountability Office (GAO)

GAO: Action Needed to Improve Participation in HBCU Capital Financing Program

GAO REPORT — “HBCUs responding to GAO’s survey reported that 46 percent of their building space, on average, needs repair or replacement. Based on a review of master plans—which assess the condition of HBCU facilities—and visits to nine HBCUs, GAO identified significant capital project needs in the areas of deferred maintenance, facilities modernization, and preservation of historic buildings.” […]

Joetta Wright
African American

The Wright Stuff

MINNESOTA SPOKESMAN-RECORDER — Armed with a master’s degree in theatre education and teaching licensure from the University of Minnesota, actress Joetta Wright uses her craft to culturally and socially educate the community via several avenues. […]


Twin-boys shine to become valedictorians in their graduating class, headed to MIT

WESTSIDE GAZETTE — It is very encouraging to see young boys overcome the adversities that face the African American communities, and aim for their goals without fear. Malik also encouraged others not to fear ideas, he said, “Whether its academics, athletics, some form of art, whatever passion someone has, my best advice would be just to explore it and do your best and the success will come.” […]

Kay Coles James, the president of the Heritage Foundation, says every child deserves to get the tools they need to make their dreams come true.

OPINION: Our Children Are at Risk

MILWAUKEE COURIER — Today, kids who bully and assault their classmates too often do so without fear of punishment. They know teachers have lost control. And they realize they can get away with behavior that never used to be tolerated. […]


COMMENTARY: Kids Count, But Not Enough

CHARLESTON CHRONICLE — For years I’ve done an annual story about the Kids Count report. The report is compiled by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a national organization that since 1948 monitors and reports on the well-being of children. My former editor, Jim French used to provide me a hard copy of the report each year. […]

American Library Association

Public Library Association adds new awareness toolkit to suite of family engagement resources

CHICAGO – The term “family engagement” describes a shared responsibility among families, educators and communities to support children’s learning and development. Building upon the early-childhood literacy success of Every Child Ready to Read@ your library® (ECRR), PLA established a Family Engagement Initiative in 2015 to help libraries serve families of all types with children of all ages. […]



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