Public Reporting: Information on how all students are performing academically and subsequent access to resources. Public reporting is a key tool for parents making important decisions about their child’s education and community members looking to spark improvements.

ESSA Addresses Public Reporting:

  • ESSA requires states and school districts to be more transparent specifically with parents.
    • Reported data must weigh how all groups of students are performing academically and their access to resources. This data should help parents make important decisions concerning the welfare of their children.
  • District report cards must include the following information.
    • How the district is holding their schools accountable based on the state-determined accountability system.
    • Individual results for each accountability variable
    • Individual assessment participation data; reflective of added subgroups
    • The professional qualifications of educators, including the number and percentage of novice personnel, teachers with emergency credentials, and teachers teaching outside of the area of expertise.
    • State, local, and federal per-pupil expenditures by funding source. Must reflect expenditures for actual personnel for each school, not district averages.
    • The number of students taking alternate assessments due to learning disabilities
    • A comparison between state and national averages
    • Individual data for which high school graduates go on to enroll in college
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