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The Elite Traveling Tutors are focused on student growth in the Black community

Their motto: ‘We build students from the inside out’

By Malik Brown | Rolling Out

Photo courtesy of Penny Womack-Jackson.

The Elite Traveling Tutors develop individualized learning plans according to each student’s specific needs. They have been highly successful with students who are experiencing “test anxiety,” as well as emotional and behavioral issues. It is a part of their mission to ensure that each student feels connected to their academic experiences.

Karina El Bey and Penny Womack-Jackson spoke with rolling out about the program and what they’re doing to help students.

Tell us more about the Elite Traveling Tutors.

Karina El Bey: We’re super excited about coming into our Black and Brown communities and helping our children to understand that they [may] not only have the desire to be engineers but [that] we want them to have their own engineering companies. We’re not just looking to create architects, we’re looking to create future architectural companies. We’re excited about the STEM programs and the STEM curriculum, but we help children from kindergarten through college, and we have students who are currently on their way into college. We’re assisting with the scholarship process, the application to the university process, and the writing of their essays.

Penny Womack-Jackson: We travel to the children’s home and the local library. We want them to be in an environment in which they’re comfortable. We’re here to help all children.

What are you telling your students about financial literacy?

KB: Everyone talks about entrepreneurship and all of our students have the desire to be entrepreneurs. But there’s a skill set that must come first. We’re discussing financial literacy with our children, and we put together programs where they’re working into the curriculum, and we’re working to help them increase their reading and comprehension levels. We also want to cross that over into how math will assist them in their entrepreneurial endeavors. What we tell them is, “you don’t want a contract that you can’t read and you don’t ever want to have an accountant that you can’t check.” We’re infusing entrepreneurship and a business acumen mentality as we work with our students.

PWJ: One of our mottos is “We build the children from the inside out.” We can teach you the skills, but if you don’t have the confidence to apply them, then it’s nothing.

Where can people find you?

KB: You can find us at www.elitetravelingtutors.com.

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