Compiled by Dorany Pineda at L.A. Live.

Lafawn Morris
Los Angeles
“No, I don’t think that teachers should have a gun inside a class full of a lot of children … or in the school environment. … But they could have it inside their cars.”

Schelaundye Blake
“Yes. I think so because [teachers] need to be able to protect themselves as well as their students. … As long as they’re responsible adults, I think they should still be able to carry guns in order to protect themselves … if someone is trying to come into the classroom like the shooting we just had.”

“No. Guns … aren’t going to help. The only way to help is to control the guns. That’s it.”

Brian West
Los Angeles
“No, because it wouldn’t be safe for children because you never know.”

Gordon Rudy
“No. No one should have guns in schools. Guns have no business anywhere near a school. … There shouldn’t be armed security guards, either. … The direction is less guns, not more guns.”


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