AC Transit to Oakland Hills  Schools Wins Reprieve

AC Transit to Oakland Hills  Schools Wins Reprieve

THE OAKLAND POST — The Oakland Unified School District and AC Transit have announced that bus transportation service to Montera Middle School, Skyline High School and Community Day School will be extended through June 2019.

“This extension gives our families assurance of both agencies’ commitment to support their transportation needs and to find solutions together,” said Board of Education Member Nina Senn.

Finding a longer-term solution will take time and an extension into 2019 gives us breathing room to do so,” she said.  “We are very grateful for AC Transit’s and our state legislators, Senator Nancy Skinner, Assemblymembers Rob Bonta and Tony Thurmond’s … partnership and collaboration as we work through this process.”

Said AC Transit Board President Elsa Ortiz, “AC Transit is proud of our decades-long partnership with OUSD and honored to know that our service will remain a passport for East Bay students.

“In collaboration with OUSD, we devoted the past year to developing cost savings that minimized changes to ‘school-tripper’ bus lines, while working with stakeholders on the financial commitments that now protect supplementary bus service through the close of next school year,” she aid.

For information about bus routes and schedules, visit AC Transit’s website at:

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When It Comes to Choosing a School in Oakland, Knowledge is Power

When It Comes to Choosing a School in Oakland, Knowledge is Power

By Dirk Tillotson

Where you send your child to school is one of the most important decisions you can make.

The new school quality data released by the state shows several public schools making great progress with Oakland children.

But before I get to the schools showing the most progress, let me offer a disclaimer.

No number can fully capture a school’s story of success. So take these insights as starting points and do your homework.

Now is the time to research and apply to schools in open enrollment.

All of the information below can be found on the Oakland Unified School District’s website.

We have never had more options, easier ways to enroll, or more information about schools, so we need make the best choices we can.

Check out this list of schools making significant gains in English language arts, math and graduation rates, as well as those that stand out for serving Black and Latino* students exceptionally well:

Elementary schools gaining in math and English

  1. Aspire Monarch*
  2. Francophone Charter school
  3. Madison Park*
  4. Manzanita SEED
  5. Glenview
Middle Schools gaining in math and English
  1. West Oakland Middle School+
  2. American Indian Public Charter+
  3. Claremont*
  4. Epic Charter*
  5. Oakland Charter *
K-8 Schools gaining in math and English
  1. Greenleaf*
  2. Ascend*
  3. Melrose
  4. American Indian Model School+
  5. Hillcrest+
6-12 Schools gaining in math and English
  1. Coliseum College Prep*
  2. Aspire Golden State*
  3. Aspire Lionel Wilson*
  4. Madison Park*
  5. Bay Area Technology Prep+
High Schools with academic gains and increasing graduation rates
  1. MetWest*+
  2. Leadership Public Schools R and D
  3. ARISE*
  4. Oakland Charter High*
  5. Envision*+
Knowledge is power. So take advantage of your options and the information available. There are still enrollment fairs coming up from OUSD and Enroll Oakland before the enrollment deadlines. Your children are counting on you to do the best by them, and that starts with making informed choices.

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Ces Butler Gifts $1 Million in Scholarships for Oakland Youth

Ces Butler Gifts $1 Million in Scholarships for Oakland Youth

Cestra “Ces” Butner. Photo by Sara Sandhu.

[/media-credit] Cestra “Ces” Butner

OAKLAND POST — Oakland businessman and community leader, Cestra “Ces” Butner, pledged another $500,000 to East Bay College Fund in front of 600 scholars, mentors, and volunteers during the organization’s 2018 Winter Retreat at Oakland Technical High School on January 4th.

With an initial $500,000 pledged last year, the CesTRA Butner Family Foundation has now gifted $1 million in scholarships for Oakland youth. East Bay College Fund will administer the scholarships and provide wraparound support services to help scholars stay on track to earn their college degrees.

As the evening’s keynote speaker, Butner also shared stories from his upbringing, including his parents’ insistence that he complete college, and his learnings as the former owner of Oakland-based Horizon Beverage Company.

“It has been a great year for me. I ended up selling my business and it afforded me an opportunity to fund the CesTRA Butner Family Foundation…dedicated to education and to provide it for Hispanic and black kids in Oakland,” said Butner. “That’s why I’m pleased to announce that I’m prepared to give another half million dollars.”

Diana Chavez, a freshman at UC Davis and one of Butner’s 20 2017 scholars, presented him with an award on behalf of East Bay College Fund and his commitment to equity in education in Oakland.

“Ces is such a role model for Oakland, and most importantly for all the young people who heard his announcement at our retreat,” shared East Bay College Fund’s Executive Director, Diane Dodge. “Ces’ gifts are so meaningful for our students, and what’s even more inspiring is how meaningful it is for him to give back to his community. He really embraces his ability to serve Oakland youth, and I’m honored to partner with him.”

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