Embattled $2 Billion for Teacher PD Poised to Survive in Federal Budget – Teacher Beat – Education Week

Title II money is used for teacher professional development and class-size reduction. Trump’s budget proposal eliminated the grant program, saying that the money is “spread too thinly to have a meaningful impact on student outcomes. In addition, there is limited evidence that teacher professional development … has led to increases in student achievement.” This is not a new argument—the Obama administration also questioned the effectiveness of the program and decreased its budget from nearly $3 billion to about $2.3 billion. […]


COMMENTARY: There is No Black History When Black Students Are Failing – Time For a New Approach

HOUSTON FORWARD TIMES — It’s the type of thing that occasionally makes Twitter lose its virtual mind, and maybe in a good way. Frederick Joseph, a 29-year old Harlem based activist, took it upon himself to start a GoFundMe campaign to buy advance complimentary tickets for at-risk black youth to see eagerly anticipated hit Marvel Comics’ movie Black Panther. Millions of social media handles in the Black Twitterverse were ecstatic, applauding Joseph for the move. […]

Antwan Wilson, Chancellor of D.C. Public School, resigned after it was revealed he used his position to get his daughter into a preferred school. (Photo by Lorie Shuall for Howard News Service)
Afro Newspaper

Why Public School Teachers, Administrators Cheat

THE AFRO NEWSPAPER — According to school officials, about 73 percent of Washington public schools’ students graduated on time, another record high for a school system that had struggled years ago to graduate even half of its students.  The graduation rate marked a four-point rise from the previous year and a 20-point gain from 2011, when just over half of D.C. Public School students graduated within four years. […]


Approved Arkansas State ESSA Plan

This document reflects work that began prior to the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act. In 2015 the Arkansas team began engaging with stakeholders to determine how our agency could better support students, educators, school and district leaders, and communities in their efforts to improve student outcomes. […]