OPINION: Maybe children will lead us this time

THE WEEKLY CHALLENGER — Florida now joins that ugly tragic club of states that have seen their children sacrificed to the false god of gun obsession. Too many are hiding behind the Second Amendment and refusing to come to some common sense solutions that would at least make it harder for crazy people to kill us. [...]

D.C. Public School Lottery Fast Approaching

THE AFRO — The District of Columbia public school lottery deadline for pre-K through 8th grade students is fast approaching; just as new figures confirm that District public charter schools now educate 47 percent of all D.C. students enrolled in public schools. This vote of confidence in these unique public schools is a tribute to the diversity and strength of the educational programs they offer. [...]

Baltimore’s Children Struggle in Toxic Environment

AFRO — “Our society has treated the abuse, maltreatment, violence, and chaotic experiences of our children as an oddity that is adequately dealt with by emergency response systems… These services are needed and are worthy of support—but they are a dressing on a greater wound…   Later, in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood [affected persons will develop] behavioral, learning, social, criminal, and chronic health problems.”  [...]

GEORGIA — Amid National Turmoil, Teen Summit Unites Area Students

THE BIRMINGHAM TIMES — “I think that any time students get together and hear opinions that are similar to theirs or even different to theirs, they gain perspective on what other people are going through, what people feel about certain subjects and how they’re affected,” said Tipler. “I believe today’s group of kids do represent different areas and different socioeconomic backgrounds so I think they will be able to kind of gain some insight from each other.” [...]

Applications Now Open for Chicago High School Teens Seeking Apprenticeship and Internship Programs with After School Matters®

CHICAGO CRUSADER — After School Matters® is now accepting teen applications for its Spring 2018 program session. More than 400 programs in the arts, communications and leadership, sports and STEM will be offered at nearly 150 Chicago public high schools, as well as Chicago Park District, Chicago Public Library and community organization locations throughout the city. [...]

Black History Month PSAs Set in Charleston Explore Themes of Education, Cultural Traditions and Cuisine

CHARLESTON CHRONICLE — Nickelodeon is celebrating Black History Month with a brand-new series of PSAs set in Charleston, South Carolina, that explore themes of education, culture and cuisine as they relate to African Americans.  Each PSA is narrated by kids and use Charleston’s storied past and rich culture as both a focal point and a backdrop, given how a sited more than 50% of African Americans are able to trace their ancestry to the port of Charleston, which served as a slave-trading center more than a century ago. [...]

Alabama Poor People’s Campaign holds rally at State Capitol steps in Montgomery in preparation for National Call for Moral Revival

GREENE COUNTY DEMOCRAT — A cold morning brought rays of sunshine this past Monday, February 6, 2018, to Alabama – along with more than 30 states plus Washington D.C. – helping roll out the National Poor People’s Campaign. Initiated by Rev. William Barber of North Carolina, leader of the ‘Moral Monday Movement’, this grassroots movement already has feet beginning to march across the nation in an effort to uplift human dignity. [...]

Black College Expo Comes to Oakland, Feb. 17th

OAKLAND POST — The Black College Expo (BCE) state-to-state tour, presented by the National College Resources Foundation (NCRF), will host its 15th Annual Black College Expo Oakland at the Oakland Marriot City Center, located at 1001 Broadway in Oakland, Saturday, Feb.17 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. [...]

United Negro College Fund helps students across the nation attend college

MINNESOTA SPOKESMAN-RECORDER — Laverne McCartney-Knighton took on the initiative of helping UNCF raise scholarship funds in June 2017 as the new regional development director of the Minneapolis location. With 24 office locations in the Twin Cities, each is poised to bring in substantial funding to help students across the nation attend colleges. Since raised funds are distributed through the Washington, D.C. office, local offices can focus on fundraising. [...]
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