K-12 Education

How Far Behind Is Trump in Staffing the Ed. Dept. Compared to Obama?

President Donald Trump has finally, finally started to nominate people to fill the top political ranks at the U.S. Department of Education. Recently, for example, the White House announced its pick for deputy secretary (former South Carolina state chief Mick Zais) and for assistant secretary for career, technical, and adult education (Michigan state Rep. Tim Kelly.)  [...]

Black and Latino Male Achievement Matters

By Nyesha Stone Milwaukee Public Schools has begun to pave a way to a better future for young men and boys of color. The Department of Black and Latino Male Achievement (BLMA) was established to address the disparities in academic and life outcomes for... [...]

GEORGIA: The Path Begins: Forest Kindergarten

In most schools, this would mean a day indoors with children and teachers wishing they could be outside. At Gilbert Elementary, you can look out the window and see a group of kindergarteners, in lime green rain suits, splashing their way across the playground on their way to the forest. These students will spend the next two hours making mud pies, building boats from found materials and observing the differences rain makes in their environment. [...]

The Importance of Educating All Children

"Some students begin school ahead of the pack. As educators, it is our responsibility to ensure all children, irrespective of their initial academic level continue to make progress." - Dr. Elizabeth Primas talk about the Every Student Succeeds Act and the importance of educating all children. [...]
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