Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos Has Been Scarce on Capitol Hill; Why Is That? – Politics K-12 – Education Week

Democrats say they want to question DeVos’ choice to approve ESSA plans that they and some civil rights groups think flout the law. (DeVos has a different take.) They want to hear more about why her budget proposals have sought to slash popular programs, such as money for teacher quality. And they want to question her about her plans to roll back or revise Obama-era rules dealing with discipline and special education. […]

Alliance for Excellence in Education

New Report on Student Internet Access at Home Shows Persisting Digital Divide

The report was required under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and was supposed to be released in June 2017. When the deadline was missed, the Alliance for Excellent Education joined the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) and 18 other organizations in a coalition letter calling for it to be released as soon as possible, given the critical information it reveals about home access to high-speed broadband internet, especially for historically underserved students. […]

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Crisis in urban education

“School is too much about conformity, and that can be toxic to black youth who get the message that they must abandon behaviors and ways of expressing themselves to make themselves acceptable in a white-dominated society, said Emdin, an associate professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College. He is the author of The New York Times bestseller, ‘For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood and the Rest of Y’all Too.'” […]

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation

Event to Explore American Education 35 Years After ‘A Nation at Risk’ – Politics K-12 – Education Week

The Reagan Institute Summit on Education will feature seven former secretaries of education, including Bill Bennett, who served under President Ronald Reagan; Lamar Alexander, who served under President George H.W. Bush; Richard Riley, who served under President Bill Clinton; Margaret Spellings, and Rod Paige, who served under President George W. Bush; Arne Duncan and John King, who served under President Barack Obama. […]

Betsy DeVos

COMMENTARY: Dear Betsy DeVos, Don’t Bring Back Discrimination in School Discipline – Education Week

“The reality is, many American schools have a problem: separate and unequal discipline practices that discriminate on the basis of race. We know from careful investigations we oversaw at the departments of Justice and Education that children of color and those with disabilities often receive harsher disciplinary interventions than their white and nondisabled counterparts—for the same offenses. In one investigation, school staff could not identify nondiscriminatory reasons for racially different disciplinary treatment of students in more than a quarter of the files investigated…” […]


Embattled $2 Billion for Teacher PD Poised to Survive in Federal Budget – Teacher Beat – Education Week

Title II money is used for teacher professional development and class-size reduction. Trump’s budget proposal eliminated the grant program, saying that the money is “spread too thinly to have a meaningful impact on student outcomes. In addition, there is limited evidence that teacher professional development … has led to increases in student achievement.” This is not a new argument—the Obama administration also questioned the effectiveness of the program and decreased its budget from nearly $3 billion to about $2.3 billion. […]