West Virginia Submits ESSA Plan to Dept. of Ed

West Virginia submitted its ESSA plan to the U.S. Department of Education on Monday, ahead of schedule. “I am extremely proud of the extraordinary amount of work put into developing this plan and for the valuable input we received from various stakeholders including teachers, parents,... [...]

Board of Regents Approves NY’S Every Student Succeeds Act Plan

The Board of Regents today approved the New York Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan, which will be submitted to the United States Education Department (USDE) on September 18 for review and approval. It is anticipated that USDE will provide feedback to the Department in December 2017. Final approval of the state’s ESSA plan is expected early next year. [...]

Merging academia and activism for race relations

NY AMSTERDAM NEWS — In the months since President Donald Trump’s inauguration, activists and scholars have converged, condemning his violent and divisive racial rhetoric. In response to Trump’s rhetoric, leaders are working to build a resistance against an agenda that not only divides the country but also sets precedence for violent and discriminatory policies and actions. [...]

California’s education plan must be more transparent about student performance

Samantha Tran, senior managing director of education policy at Children Now, wrote that “California’s education plan must be more transparent about student performance.” Her three recommended changes include clearly identifying “if gaps in achievement are closing or are stagnant,” setting “assessment standards so that the system doesn’t mask low performance,” and ensuring “alternative education students are counted and visible in the dashboard for Local Education Agencies.” [...]
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