By Sandra F. Beckard, SON colummnist

Sandra F. Beckard, SON columnist

Huntsville, AL – No politician seems to want to admit that we are witnessingWorld War III but, anyone with a little common sense can see just that. Putin declared it with his actions. Except for a few countries, the world has united to fight Russia in some form. The reason most people don’t believe that World War III is occurring is because they are looking at past wars when other countries sent their army to help fight a common enemy. Boots were on the ground. Today’s war is more technical and imposing sanctions, hurting the enemies’ economy, for now, but it is going to get worse.

Talks to negotiate a cease fire are just a distraction. There is no way this mad man will give in. It’s sad to say that he had help from the mad man who was in the White House for four years and who continues to admire dictators and tyrants. Never forget when Trump entertained these adversaries in the White House. Realizing there was finally someone in the White House who was not afraid of him, Putin made his move. The world should be on guard because Russia has control of the

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Putin is not above using chemical or biological warfare to silence his enemies. He already has his troops wearing Hazmate Suits. Also China is watching the outcome of this, remember they want Taiwan.

The Blame Game
Republicans and some others are blaming President Biden for inflation. They want everyone to think that inflation started with the Biden Administration. People hear the word inflation and may not know what it means. “Inflation can occur when prices rise due to increases in production costs, such as raw materials and wages. A surge in demand for products and services can cause inflation as consumers are willing to pay more for the product.” Republicans are saying that gas prices were not high when Trump was last in office. They are correct. Remember in 2020 the country was shut down due to COVID-19. No one was going anywhere. There was no demand. The price of food started to increase at the same time. Restaurants were not having in-person dining so more people were cooking at home. Suppliers started saying they had to increase the prices because demand was high so did the grocery chains.

Once people started to get vaccinated in 2021 it started being a little easier for individuals to venture out, starting with Spring Break. Gas prices always start to rise this time of the year because it is the beginning of the travel season. It drops when schools starts back in session. Republicans won’t tell the American public only 0.7 percent of crude oil comes from Russia and we get oil from other countries. They just dust off their play-book and want you to believe everything is Biden’s fault. This is an election year and Republicans will continue to repeat this lie. Inflation is about demand. As long as you want it, the suppliers will continue to raise the prices. Local and National news outlets continue to show gas prices in states like California where they are paying up to six dollars a gallon. California has the largest number of cars on the road in the county. The demand is highest there. In some parts of Alabama you won’t see a car on the road after 10pm. If you don’t want to pay the high cost for meat, cut back to once a week.

Remember “The Story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” He kept deceiving the people over and over again with a lie about seeing a wolf until they got numb to his lies and went about their daily lives. So when the boy finally saw a wolf no one believed him. The truth is out there. Know it for yourself. Don’t let the wolf get you.

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