Sponsored by the Google News Initiative (GNI) Digital Transformation Lab

Role: Digital Specialist
Language Capabilities needed: English
Time commitment expected: 30 hours/week
Compensation: $60,000 (12-month fixed contract)
Reports to:  NNPA Executive Administrator

Role Description:

The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), in collaboration with the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP), Association of Alternative News Media (ANM) and Google News Initiative (GNI) — the Press Association Partners — is launching a Digital Transformation Lab to help our members grow their digital businesses with a focus on advertising.

This opportunity is specific to the NNPA.

The objective of the program is to equip our member news organizations solve specific digital business challenges. The Digital Specialist will work in coordination with NNPA’s CEO, Executive Administrator, and NNPA Digital Network Administrator.

To support the GNI program, The NNPA Digital Specialist will collaborate between the Press Association Partners and GNI, as well as advancing the digital capabilities of NNPA’s members and the NNPA Digital Network.

We’re looking for a candidate with a strong knowledge of digital tools and a track record of working in a decision-making business role at a digitally forward news organization. The candidate should also possess a strong grasp of digital advertising, reader revenue and audience development/engagement.

The candidates must be able to:

  1. Represent the NNPA in a professional manner, with a humble tone
  2. Understand and convey the business concepts key to a news organization’s success in a digital world including (but not limited to) CMS platforms, reader revenue, advertising revenue, audience development, strategy & culture
  3. Utilize their own business experiences in news organizations to relate to the problems and questions raised by their audience
  4. Quickly digest materials provided by Google and other vendors (participating in GNI-sponsored programs) and relay the lessons in a consistent manner, exhibiting the GNI brand during the training sessions
  5. Be familiar with and able to address the local dynamics concerning the news ecosystem in North America
  6. Have a collaborative spirit

The Digital Specialist will:

  • Be a US-based independent contractor
  • Represent the point of contact among different stakeholders (The Association leadership team and the Google project manager overseeing the Lab)
  • Work closely with the project manager to deliver messages and implement solutions
  • Spend time with lab and association members virtually, one-to-one and in groups, to: help implement solutions that will improve digital capacity; fielding questions; point to appropriate resources; promote training and funding opportunities; organize publishers into cohorts based on digital needs; and help to support programming that meets those needs
  • Have access to current relationships, resources, collateral (in terms of decks), videos and sites for training, in case it’s needed
  • Have technical skills to handle foundational CMS, programmatic advertising and membership needs of NNPA members