Re: Political Advertising — In February, the Trice Edney News Wire reported that the Black press has an opportunity to capitalize on advertising dollars during this high octane political year. She stated: “In one of the nation’s tightest, most unpredictable and consequential election seasons ever, presidential candidates have placed gaining the votes of African Americans among their highest priorities. As a result Black media, and in particular The Black Press, have become central to the strategies of both Democratic campaigns.”

However, as most of you know, it is not just about the national campaigns. Many local and state campaigns are taking place as well. We encourage you to push your advertising sales managers and staff to actively and aggressively seek advertising from local political campaigns in your community.

Re: Keep Public Notices in Newspapers

The Newspaper Association of America has an ongoing campaign to keep pubic notices in newspapers. This is an initiative that we can support as well. These notices not only inform the public about valuable information about government contracting and services but also allow newspapers to participate in government advertising. Some officials are pushing to list public notices only on government agencies’ website. We say no to this. Many of our members benefit from public notice advertising and taking away this option would adversely impact us. To learn more, go to the following link: