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Our children today graduate from high school with so many grand opportunities in their world.

But there is no silver bullet.  We place the spotlight on R. J. and Arianna, a brother and sister duo with a powerful family, church and disciple lifestyle all of their young lives.  A combination that still works. So, first of all, congratulations to the entire family from grandmothers, neighbors, working mothers, a Dad that does not play, works some Sundays, coaches, street teachers, Sunday school scholars.  It simply takes a village.

2017 Graduates from David W. Carter High School R. J. and Arianna (A Brother and Sister) Congratulations! To the whole family.

I do not believe the random numbers thrown out to the African American public about our children.  I am not naïve, but I refuse to call it a crisis.  I do believe that the future will only be kind to the informed mind, but who determines what the ‘informed mind is’.  True, we have students that drop out today, but they are not condemned to poverty and social failure. And quite frankly, we should stop saying it.

Education is simple to fix.  Parents stay at home and raise your children.  Give them a real sense of achieving and surround them with family at every corner of life.  If you do not care for the public school system, pay for education, move to a place where your children can succeed instead of fail.

But, the sure essence of education is weaving a network of love, high expectation and precious time with any child in your space.  I firmly believe this.  I see it often.

Congratulations!!  To all our graduates.  So proud of each one of you.

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